Match 1Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan run into each other in DT’s back offices. Karlie complains that she can’t find any girls that are willing to get into a real fight. Samantha seems a little offended and answers back that they should set up a fight. Before the two girl leave to prepare for their fight Samantha lays a big wet kiss on Karlie, introducing the erotic element that will play out in their upcoming fight. The next day the girls get in the ring and go head to head. Soon after they loose their tops Samantha takes control of the match. After crushing Karlie she takes an extended pleasure session making fun of Karlie, while playing with her limp body. However, lucky for us this video ends with a rematch. Will Karlie be able to save face or will Samantha crush her again?

Match 2Goldie Blair, Francesca Le, and Hollywood work in the same office together. While Goldie is minding her own business Francesca confronts her about stealing ideas that Hollywood and Francesca came up with together. Goldie denies the accusations, which infuriates Francesca even more. The two buxom and business casual clad women start slugging the crap out of each other. Goldie quickly takes control of the fight and tenderizes the hell out of Francesca’s tummy. Eventually Hollywood shows up to help Francesca, making this a two on one kind of fight. The idea behind this video is that you get to view multiple different fights between these three women. The best part is watching these gorgeous fighters strip out of their business attire over and over again.

Match 3Kymberly Jane starts this fight off by getting into Ariella Ferrera’s face and telling her how weak she is. Ariella gets tired of Kymberly’s shit so she jams her index finger into Kymberly’s soft belly button. Kymberly is immediately stunned by the pain. This odd, but effective torture continues for a while, until Ariella decides to grab Kymberly by the nose and introduce her to new levels of suffering. The stunning and tanned Ariella leads the ravishingly pale beauty around the ring by the nose, eventually knocking her out this way. When Kymberly wakes up she is tied to the ropes with a ball gag stuck deep in her throat. Ariella draws a big target on her prisoner’s stomach and proceeds to land blow after blow into Kymberly’s sweet belly.


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